Asana Brand Redesign

Asana Redesign

Brand & Visual Language

My role: lead designer
Our team: 4 designers, 4 engineers, 1 PM

The process started with defining our brand attributes. These became our north star throughout the process.


And then landed on the concept of 'clarity and energy' The product starts as a white canvas, and color is reserved for highlighting key actions and punctuating moments. This manifests as purposeful bursts of energy upon completing tasks, collaborating, and celebrating the accomplishments of their teammates. 


The vibrant color could really come to life through marketing materials and other touchpoints where the energy needed amped up.
That language trickled down into every aspect of our visual system, which we built into a style guide and component library

The language extended to every interaction a person could have with the brand, within our team's control.

I worked with the agency Giant Ant to create a launch video in our new language.

Read more about the brand redesign here

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