Asana Calendar

Asana Calendar

Our team: 1 PM, 3 engineers, 1 researcher

Before we embarked on calendars, there was only one way to view tasks in Asana – the list. Customers wanted a way to see an overview of their upcoming tasks and view them on a calendar. Our Google Calendar integration only partially satisifed this use case, whereas building a calendar view directly into the product would make the tool much more powerful.

Rather than viewing week-by-week or month-by-month, people wanted to see "the next four weeks" or "mid-Dec through mid-Jan". The normal month view didn't allow for that. I worked closely with our engineers to develop an infinitely scrolling calendar. We implemented drag-and-drop features to easily move tasks between dates.

The calendar view can be set as default for a project such as "Company Milestones" and works well as a template to help people understand key use cases in Asana.

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