Asana Dashboard and Reporting

Asana Dashboards and Reporting

My role: lead designer
Our team: 1 PM, 3 engineers, 1 researcher

We set out with the problem that our customers desired a more "high level view" of their work. We didn't know exactly what that meant at first, so I plunged into a thorough research phase followed by a few rounds of rough prototypes. Eventually, we landed on visualization charts paired with manual status updates attached to projects.

This feature launch increased premium sign ups and continues to do so. Premium accounts see unlimited projects on their dashboard while free users see up to three projects on their dashboard. We followed up with our early research participants who were with us through a beta program and were happy to see that this high-level view made their workflows much smoother. 

The greatest challenge proved to be integrating the feature into the app in a way that was discoverable but not overbearing. Learnings from this actually started the momentum for our product redesign that would soon follow.

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